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"Know the Greater Self through Service"
                                                                                                                                             -- W J O'Reilly

balance, power, creation


We are A Personal management and Human Development Consultancy


Dedicated to the empowerment of highly successful individuals, groups and organizations who seek to break through to the highest levels of attainment, success, creativity and service to the world.  

"Our Socratic Methodology assists groups and individuals in their discovery and attainment of  satisfaction and world-class success through service and mindfulness of the greater good."



                   Who We Are 


We are a research and educational institution whose mission is to empower individuals and groups in their personal and professional attainments, while staying  aligned with humane winning in the world.

                                  What We do


We engage in transformative, Socratic  conversations, powerful and sustaining dialogues which reveal a path to the unique, winning mission of  individuals.  Our work results in strategies to transcend personal obstacles and limitations to fulfillment and ultimately in the realization of  massive win-win success in the world.




Our clients,

making a difference,



     We have served in the creation of winning strategies for clients in the realms of business, education, publishing, professional sports and the arts. 


   Among our clients, both past and present are:


   Famous film actors  


   Aspiring lawyers attending Harvard Law School

and Wesleyan University


   Aspiring professional musicians attending The  New England Conservatory of Music


   A Leading Indie film producer 


   Successful Entrepreneurs  


   Recipients of acceptance to leading colleges and universities 


   A Published author of novels and plays 

   A College Professor


   Professional Athletes in Major League Baseball, Soccer and the NFL (American Football)


   A happily married stay-at-home  parent

   Founders of successful k-12 schools  


   Producers of ground-breaking network and web-based television projects 



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