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The Work


We work with people and groups who are interested in creating new directions for themselves and their associates. 

           The Founder


     W J O'Reilly has been involved in the creation, development and leadership of an eclectic array of cultural, educational and media movements and institutions, including bi-lingual schools(New York French American Charter School), bi-cultural, arts-centered(Performing Arts and Technology High School), Judeo-centric(Yeshiva Tiferes Naftoli), American/International(Brooklyn Amity School)as well as Korean/American(The Hanal School), French/American, and Russian/ American schools(Southfield Institute). 


     His theory of Innermotivation seeks to identify aspects of learning environments that advance self-discovery and actualization in the world, ultimately contributing to the discovery of one's life purpose.


     He dialogues with current and recently graduates of Harvard University in the exploration of service careers through his 13 year assocation with the Harvard College Center for Public Interest careers, the centerpiece of the University's commitment to providing all of its students access to service in the world.


     As arts impresario, he discovered and developed leading film, Broadway and television talent(Talent Circle, NY and LA) among them Ralph Macchio, The Karate Kid and Fisher Stevens, Broadway and film lead actor and America's leading independent film producer, as well as having assisted in the creation of new creative directions in the arts such as specialized professional ballet preparation for greatly underserved populations, especially in the inner city(Founding Chair, BalletRox, Boston).


     In media, he produced and hosted the world's first live, studio-produced and web-based nightly news program incorporating social media, (NewzViewz, Aronow Communications, 2005).


     He co-produced and hosted PBS's "The K-12 Conversation," America's first, live, studio-produced town hall meeting on America's schools. His commentary on American and international education and society were seen and heard on CNN's The Situation Room, CNN Money Summit and AC360.


     As actor, he had the lead role in a made for tv Japanese movie "Angel by My Side." In the comedy mini series produced by Sprite "Marcus Hates His Job" he played the role of CEO Mr. Billings. He played a faux journalist on ABC's "My Kind of Town" and the recurring role of Foreman Parker on CBS's "As the World Turns."


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